District Leadership Team

Director of Program Operations

Jennifer Burkholder, MSN, MPH, RN

District Administrator

Emily Eisenman, MBA

District Environmental Health Director

Keli Hinson, MS

District Nursing & Clinical Director

Lorri Tanner, RN

Infectious Disease Coordinator/District Epidemiologist

Olivia Echols, MPH, MSN, RN

MIS Director

Thomas Broadnax

Organizational Development Manager

Sarah Peck, MS

Program Management & Administration

Adult Health Coordinator

Elizabeth S. Allen, BSN, RN

Adult Health Coordinator (Co-Coordinator)

Sharon LaCount, FNP-BC MSN

Babies Can't Wait

Robin Schafer, MSW, LCSW


Kim McGinnis, CPC

Breast & Cervical Cancer Program

Mary Kathryn Peecher, BSN, RN

Central Supply/Inventory

Courtney Buffington

Children 1st

Robin Schafer, MSW, LCSW

Children's Medical Services

Caylie Mahaffey, MSN, RN

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

Cathy Wilkinson, BSEd

Emergency Medical Services/Trauma (Region 10)


Emergency Preparedness

Joshua Bowman, BS

Environmental Health

Keli Hinson, MS

Epidemiology/Infectious Disease

Olivia Echols, MSN, MPH, RN

Family Planning & Health Education

Shellice Spade

Health Promotion & Disease Prevention/Chronic Disease

Derrick Gable, M.Ed., CHES

HIV Outreach & Testing/Linkage to Care

Patrick Reilly, MPH

Human Resources

Keisa Young


Lindsey Kidd, BBA, BSN, RN

Oral Health Program


Public Information & Media

Justin Hubbard


Mary Kathryn Peecher, BSN, RN

Ryan White/HIV/Specialty Care Clinic


WIC/Nutrition Services

Chelsea Freeman, RD, LD, CLEC

Women’s Health

Gloria Caldwell, MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC

County Health Department & Clinical Nurse Managers

Barrow County Health Department

Susan Kristal, RN

Clarke County Health Department

Meagan Nelms, BSN, RN

Clarke County Health Department

Kayla Bentley, BSN, RN

Clarke County Health Department WIC Clinic

Jamie Ahonen

Elbert County Health Department


Greene County Health Department

Tera Green, BSN, RN

Jackson County Health Department  – Commerce Clinic: County Nurse Manager

Elaine McDonald, BSN, RN

Jackson County Health Department  – Jefferson: Clinic Supervisor

Taylor Lane, BSN, RN

Madison County Health Department

Elizabeth Allen, BSN, RN

Morgan County Health Department

Patricia Holmes, BSN, RN

Oconee County Health Department

Miranda Bieber, RN

Oglethorpe County Health Department

Kelsey Clay, RN

Walton County Health Department  – Loganville Clinic: Clinic Supervisor

Chesney Hearn, BSN, RN

Walton County Health Department  – Monroe Clinic: County Nurse Manager

Sheri Traylor, RN

Lead Environmental Health Specialist

Barrow County

Michelle Huff

Clarke County

Andrea Kerr

Elbert County

Steven Wooten

Greene County

Wally Mentel

Jackson County

Elliot Rickett

Madison County

Scott Sapp

Morgan County

Lynette Knight

Oconee County

Apryl Singer

Oglethorpe County

Wally Mentel

Walton County

David Dixon