Health department clinics offer testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, often referred to as STIs or STDs. 

Standard STI/STD visits include testing for: 

  • Chlamydia (may be a urine test or genital, rectal, and/or throat swab)   
  • Gonorrhea (may be a urine test or genital, rectal, and/or throat swab)  
  • HIV (blood test)  
  • Syphilis (blood test)  

The following tests may also be performed if indicated:

  • Genital warts (visual exam)  
  • Hepatitis C (blood test)  
  • Herpes (visual exam – if sores are present, they may be swabbed and sent to a lab to be cultured and an additional lab fee may apply)  
  • Trichomoniasis (genital swab, only available for individuals assigned female at birth)  

Treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis is included in the standard STI exam fee.  Antiviral treatment for herpes needs to be called into a local pharmacy, where an additional charge or co-pay may apply. 

Individuals who test positive for HIV will be connected to our linkage to care team for immediate support and referral for treatment at our Specialty Care Clinic.   

For more information on sexually transmitted infections, please visit:  

Last Updated on June 19, 2023