Breastfeeding helps to form a special bond between mother and baby, but support and encouragement from other moms can go a long way.

That’s why WIC is now offering the Buddy Program — to help breastfeeding moms connect virtually or in person.

In this program, mothers are matched with other WIC moms for breastfeeding support through listening, sharing experiences, offering encouragement, and celebrating milestones.

Through this program, you can form bonds that will last a lifetime.

Having a new baby is tough.

Building a support network can help moms reach their breastfeeding goals.

Having a Buddy facing similar challenges can make all the difference in the breastfeeding experience. Moms aren’t alone. They have their Breastfeeding Buddy to call.

How the Breastfeeding Buddy Program Works:

The WIC Buddy Program Specialist will match moms of similar due dates, breastfeeding goals, availability, and primary language spoken.

Buddies can connect in the best way for them — either over the phone, by text, online, or in person.


  • Unity and support during the breastfeeding journey
  • Increased ability to overcome breastfeeding challenges
  • Increased breastfeeding confidence

The Buddy Program vs. Peer Counselors

The Buddy Program is intended to establish a support system in which expectant and/or new moms share breastfeeding stories and experiences. In the Buddy Program, moms are matched with other moms who share similar due dates or whose babies are born around the same date. Buddies do not have formal breastfeeding training but are instead a resource for one another to work through challenges during moments when they need extra support.

The Buddy Program is not intended to be a replacement for the breastfeeding guidance provided by Peer Counselors. Peer Counselors have special training in breastfeeding support. They can share their own experiences and provide help and advice based on current research and knowledge from breastfeeding professionals.

If you are experiencing any breastfeeding complications or need evidence-based breastfeeding advice, please contact your local WIC office for a Peer Counselor.

Last Updated on April 4, 2024