The Northeast Health District offers the following environmental health services:

  • Restaurant inspections (see below for more info)
  • Septic tank permits (see below for more info)
  • Public swimming pool inspections
  • Hotel/motel inspections
  • Tattoo and Piercing Regulations
  • Tracking of infectious diseases and
    food-borne illness outbreaks

Restaurant Inspections

Restaurants are inspected on a periodic basis.  However, if you have a specific concern regarding a particular eatery, please contact the Environmental Health Services office for your county.  Additional information, including where to find restaurant health scores.

Septic Tank Permits

Through our sewage program, we provide many services that help to protect public health as well as Georgia’s natural resources. These services include septic tank permits, repair permits, existing system evaluations, site evaluations, and subdivision plan reviews. Inspections are also required on both septic tank permits and repair permits. Each inspection is performed by an Environmental Health Specialist according to the Rules and Regulations for On-Site Sewage Management Systems (Chapter 511-3-1). These inspections help to ensure correct installation and proper repair of domestic on-site sewage management systems. By regulating the installation and repair of on-site sewage systems, our district helps to protect Georgia’s groundwater, drinking water and surface water from harmful organisms and chemicals.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems is a resource developed by the EPA that provides a good explanation on how septic systems work.  This booklet also contains many helpful tips on properly caring for and maintaining your septic system.

The State of Georgia’s Division of Public Health has also developed another helpful resource, Homeowner’s Guide: On-Site Sewage Management Systems.

Rules and Regulations for On-Site Sewage Management Systems

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Restaurant Inspections

To find a restaurant’s score, visit the State of Georgia – Health Inspections page – you may search by ZIP code, name, city, county, o...

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Food being donated for food day

Food Service Program

All food service establishments are required to have a food service permit issued by the local health department.  Environmental Health Specialis...

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Modern studio apartment design with bedroom and living space.

Hotels, Motels and Campgrounds

Environmental Health is responsible for regulating and inspecting tourist accommodation facilities for cleanliness and sanitary practices as set forth...

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Wooden cubes with the word rules stand on a wooden wall between a magnifying glass and a pen

Proposed Rules

Barrow Clarke Elbert Greene Jackson Madison Morgan Oconee Oglethope Walton...

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Flamingo float around swimming pool in hotel resort with umbrella and chair in hotel resort

Public Swimming Pools and Spas

The goal of the Department of Public Health pools program is to: Reduce substantial health hazards and other risk factors that lead to illness or ...

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Man doing a tattoo in a tattoo salon

Tattoo and Piercing Establishments

Body Tattoo/Body Piercing establishments and operators are permitted in all Northeast Health District counties.  Environmental Health Specialist ...

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A worker installs a sewer manhole on a septic tank made of concrete rings construction of sewerage networks for country houses

Sewage/Septic Systems

Through our sewage program, we provide many services that help to protect public health as well as Georgia’s natural resources. These services inclu...

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