In order to become a Specialty Care patient, you first must meet Ryan White  eligibility criteria.  The following documents are required to determine if you qualify for our services.

When you come in for your first appointment, bring:

  • A picture ID
  • Proof of HIV status
  • Proof of your income
    • must span the last month (4 weeks)
    • can be in the form of check stubs or an award letter
  • Proof of your address – 2 forms
    • such as utility bill – electric bill, water bill, etc.
    • your rental lease or mortgage contract
    • a credit card bill or statement
    • a bank statement
    • a letter from a public authority, e.g. a court
    • your car registration and/or current insurance policy

To continue to receive services from SCC, you will need to update your eligibility documents every 12 months AND be sure to show up for your regularly scheduled lab and medical appointments.

Fees for all Specialty Care and Health Department services are on a sliding scale based on your income.  If you have Medicare, Medicaid or a private insurance, you must present your current benefits card to receive care.

Last Updated on June 28, 2023